Wednesday 25 December 2013

Christmas morning at Collie Rock ...

... and a first outing of the Magnificent Seven!

My very Magnificent Seven :)

Here they come ... the Badger Set!

Cafe Latte Girl with some early Collie Walkers.

Mum, Cafe Latte Girl, with Badger Boy.

Dad, New Boy, with the Badger Set hot on his tail.

Happy Christmas from all at A Sheepdog Diary!

Thursday 5 December 2013

Autumni Puppy No 1 ...

... our beautiful blue eyed girl:

Monday 18 November 2013

Remembering Pocket Rocket

A year ago yesterday my world came crashing down around me. That was the day that Pocket Rocket died. 

She was never, ever ‘just’ a dog, she was my dog of a lifetime. Beautiful, kind and gentle, yet strong and powerful, she had an enormous personality, was immensely stylish and hugely talented. She had the ability to look through my eyes and straight into my soul with those amazingly soft golden eyes of hers.

Our friend Gayle has once again put pen to paper. 

So a year has gone and things move on,
As you walk through the gate a little time to contemplate,

A treasured friend she'd want your wounds to mend,

Special memories time can never erase,
as she shares your life's journey as it takes it's next phase,

Because she filled your heart you'll never be apart,

So be filled with happiness as you reminisce,
About Pocket Rocket who'll be forever missed.

Thank you Gayle for remembering our special Golden Girl.

Not long after Pocket Rocket died, I heard these words spoken, they’ve not left me:

"A short life can be a good life, a happy life and a full life."

Pocket Rocket’s life was all of those and my life was made so much the richer for sharing it with her.

Pocket Rocket
sorely missed - always remembered

I know what you're thinking ...

Monday 26 August 2013

Seven go to Collie Rock

A Bank Holiday Monday and a fabulous start to the day here in South Lakeland. Early morning mist clearing and the early bird flying past ...

Mist clearing down the valley, beyond the mountain ash tree ...

So we head out to Collie Rock. First on it's summit are, as usual, the Highland Hooligans ...

Soon followed by the rest of the gang - The Magnificent Seven on Collie Rock ...

Of course we have to have the 'release' ...

Our holidaying Golden Smoothie taking a break ...

Dow Crag and Coniston Old Man looking splendid ...

First to the next high point is New Boy ...

Where he goes the rest have to follow. Sister, Arctic Fox ...

... Cafe Latte Girl ...

... umm, Handsome Lad ...

... OctoPuppy Golden Smoothie girl ...

... any more? ... Cafe Latte Girl's Mum ...

... and not forgetting, Womble Bum ...

A fabulous outing with a fabulous bunch of models 

and so the day draws to an end.

Saturday 6 July 2013

More Dogs ...

The last of the litter of puppies I've spent the last 5 weeks rearing went to his new home this week.

We were back at agility yesterday, an urgent call to check out a dog, but that's for another blog. Spotted this nice tricolour smoothie ... 2 for 1!

Also found this young man, a rather handsome sable.

This morning we went to Kirkstone Pass to watch the search dogs train. This is our OctoPup Search Boy, now fully Graded and wearing his brand new jacket.

Also training was our JubiPup Trainee Search Girl sporting a rather splendid bikini type training jacket.

One of the graded search dogs heading to her body.

 Not a dog in sight - but a lovely sky at 7pm!

This fluff mountain was removed from Womble Bum after a 2 hour grooming session. She celebrated the end of grooming by throwing herself in a very dirty pond.

One of the water lilies that Womble Bum took great pleasure in inspecting at very close quarters.

Kitty the cat ... an honorary dog.

Wash day ... first the dogs then their collars - lovely Spiffy Dog collars.

Saturday 29 June 2013

A Grand Day ...

... has been had catching up with doggy relatives and friends - visiting and competing at our local agility competition.

Our very special OctoPuppy Search Boy comes to visit.

At the agility - on the left one of our doggy relatives, on right one of Cafe Latte Girl's litter brothers. Both are very clever agility boys.

Wow, look at that boy fly ...

... this is Cafe Latte Girl's very hairy half brother, another clever agility boy.

Another flyer ...

... and another very clever agility boy relative.

What? More handsome agility boys? On left is a 'veteran' relative and on right another of Cafe Latte Girl's very agile litter brothers. Both will very shortly be joined by CLGs Tri Boy nephew who we have been rearing.

This girly isn't a youngster, she is our lovely smoothie friend competing at her very first agility competition at the age of 8 years. She and her handler did very well. She's also the only girly featured into today's blog!

My what a handsome lad. Next it was time to visit our very clever Sensational Summer Six-Pack obedience boy.

Ummm, this can't be right, surely ... have I got the right breed here?!

Puppies! Labrador puppies.

Whatever the breed, the camera bag is always the centre of attention.
And finally ...
A visit from another OctoPuppy, Puppy No 7 - wow!