Friday 14 October 2011

Pocket Rocket Goes ... caravanning!

In September, Pocket Rocket and the rest of her family went on holiday ...

 Good morning, welcome to my caravan

Would you care to come in for a guided tour?

Are you ready for me yet? ...

This is where we keep our bedding

As you can see it's very comfortable.

This is where I have my breakfast, service is a little slow this morning

Ahh, that's lovely

What's that they said on the news, didn't quite catch it, the FTSE going down?

Aye oop, what's going on outside

Meet the neighbours, morning all

This is where the big dogs have their breakfast, out in the van

and this is where the big dog's training kit is kept.
Doesn't everyone have a chest of drawers in their car?
Hang on a minute, I think that tuggy's mine

Hands off, it's definitely mine, let go

Ahh, sunshine, time to relax. Who's going for the ice cream?