Monday 9 April 2012

Spring Arrives in Lakeland

Spring, or was it summer, arrived in Lakeland at the end of March in the form of a heatwave! The clocks were put forward and we enjoyed some lovely, warm and sunny days ...

The days are getting warmer

The last remains of snow on the Lakeland mountains

The hedgerows are bursting with daffodils

The ponds have been ... busy!

Arctic Fox - happy in her work

Cafe Latte Girl ... fed up with waiting for her turn to work sheep

Handsome Lad in full concentration mode ... with a little help from his shadow

The Mad pup ... half-sister to Cafe Latte Girl & Aunty to Pocket Rocket

High Noon

Cafe Latte Girl and mate New Boy ... relaxing in the sunshine

New Boy in action

"Wait for me" ... Pocket Rocket

New Boy and Cafe Latte Girl's Search Puppy - with us for her hols

Womble Bum ... "throw the damn leaf"

Heavy in lamb

And the clouds return ...