Sunday 27 July 2014

July in pictures

Wow, can't believe it's just over seven months since our last post and we're well into summer. The year seems to have gone so quickly, with so much going on.

So, the best place to start? Well, I reckon this month with a selection of pictures to cover what's been going on with the 'A Sheepdog Diary' collies.

Californian Poppy - summer has arrived in South Lakeland

A good spell of weather heralded the arrival of hay time ... we had a busy few days!

A hot air balloon taking in the sights over the valley

Summer shows and a chance to catch up with doggy relatives ... here's one of last year's May pups I raised. Eager to get going with his agility career.

Cafe Latte Girl's agility brother, a very good agility boy

One of our older agility relatives, a very handsome and accomplished boy

More agility relatives on the L a Gt Uncle, middle is another of Cafe Latte Girl's litter brothers and lying down is another youngster from last year's summer litter of pups
Oh, look who else we found at agility ... Autumni Puppy Spot at agility for measuring. She's got a little while before she can compete though.

The weather throughout July has been glorious and very hot. Perfect weather for washing. Here's Arctic Fox proudly showing off a small selection of the contents of one of the 'puppy gear' boxes. All washed ready for packing away for the next litter.

All the dogs were bathed and all their collars and leads washed ... all gleaming and bright ... for a short while!

More relatives at yet another show!! Four of the 5 Autumni pups.

New Boy with his son, Badger Boy

The final weekend in July saw an outing to Kirkstone Pass summit to watch the search and rescue dogs train. Here's Cafe Latte Girl and her Jubilee Search girl, after she'd completed a very impressive search sequence.

Jubilee Search Puppy

Handsome Lad's very clever litter sister, a fully graded search and rescue dog

This young man needs no introduction - looks so like his Mum Arctic Fox. Now all grown up and a fully graded search and rescue dog.

The central fells looking glorious in the sunshine

Last year there were three pairs of swallows using the barn where my sheep are kept. This year only one pair returned. However, they've done brilliantly, they've hatched out two lots of chicks, with the first batch helping to rear the second batch. There's now a total of 16 swallows - hope they all make it back next year.

Cafe Latte Girl's Mum - enjoying the sun

After a little work Cafe Latte Girl deserves a good splosh around in the tub ... Badger Boy tries to catch some of the splashes