Wednesday 1 September 2010

Puppies are flying the nest ...

When the pups arrived I had every good intention of reporting on the blog once or twice weekly. Three pups have now flown the nest and two of the remaining three will follow at the weekend. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. It's been an incredibly enjoyable time, but also very busy. There have been many laughs, many cuddles and some tears when I've had to wave bye bye to my wonderful pups.
Now I have the good intention of selecting certain topics to blog about, such as the very important socialisation of the pups, watching them to determine their individual characters and how these are matched to prospective owners ... it's always the top priority to get the right home for the right pup and what is done with the pups before they go to their new homes to give them the very best possible start.

With that all to come, and only three puppies remaining ... I think I need to be out doing the very important job of play!

Sorry about the 'moving' camera!