Monday 18 November 2013

Remembering Pocket Rocket

A year ago yesterday my world came crashing down around me. That was the day that Pocket Rocket died. 

She was never, ever ‘just’ a dog, she was my dog of a lifetime. Beautiful, kind and gentle, yet strong and powerful, she had an enormous personality, was immensely stylish and hugely talented. She had the ability to look through my eyes and straight into my soul with those amazingly soft golden eyes of hers.

Our friend Gayle has once again put pen to paper. 

So a year has gone and things move on,
As you walk through the gate a little time to contemplate,

A treasured friend she'd want your wounds to mend,

Special memories time can never erase,
as she shares your life's journey as it takes it's next phase,

Because she filled your heart you'll never be apart,

So be filled with happiness as you reminisce,
About Pocket Rocket who'll be forever missed.

Thank you Gayle for remembering our special Golden Girl.

Not long after Pocket Rocket died, I heard these words spoken, they’ve not left me:

"A short life can be a good life, a happy life and a full life."

Pocket Rocket’s life was all of those and my life was made so much the richer for sharing it with her.

Pocket Rocket
sorely missed - always remembered

I know what you're thinking ...


  1. I'm so sorry, I never knew the exact date. Had it my mind it was December. PR was one lucky dawg to have such a wonderful human mum and a great pack of dudes during her too quick time on earth xxx

  2. I just watched your youtube video of the dogs herding each other and I thought it was beautiful. It made me smile knowing how intense they can be and the ending was perfect with the release. I have the same scenario with one of my dogs with a strong eye. Border Collies are so full of love! I have four, the last being 19 weeks old and I am so in love with that dog and cannot wait to partner with her on the sheep. Thank you for sharing your dogs with us!

  3. I'm pleased you enjoyed The Collie Walk and thanks for taking the time to post your comment.

  4. I am so sad to read this. I watched videos of Pocket Rocket and loved her. We love all our animals but sometimes one more than the others feels like a soul mate. I have one like that who also died too young.

  5. Agnes Sligh Turnbull had it spot on when she said, 'Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.' They leave a very large hole when they travel on but they're never forgotten.