Saturday 6 July 2013

More Dogs ...

The last of the litter of puppies I've spent the last 5 weeks rearing went to his new home this week.

We were back at agility yesterday, an urgent call to check out a dog, but that's for another blog. Spotted this nice tricolour smoothie ... 2 for 1!

Also found this young man, a rather handsome sable.

This morning we went to Kirkstone Pass to watch the search dogs train. This is our OctoPup Search Boy, now fully Graded and wearing his brand new jacket.

Also training was our JubiPup Trainee Search Girl sporting a rather splendid bikini type training jacket.

One of the graded search dogs heading to her body.

 Not a dog in sight - but a lovely sky at 7pm!

This fluff mountain was removed from Womble Bum after a 2 hour grooming session. She celebrated the end of grooming by throwing herself in a very dirty pond.

One of the water lilies that Womble Bum took great pleasure in inspecting at very close quarters.

Kitty the cat ... an honorary dog.

Wash day ... first the dogs then their collars - lovely Spiffy Dog collars.

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