Friday, 6 July 2012

An Evening in with the Jubilee Pups

Evenings with the Jubilee Pups are quite relaxed with friends welcome to visit at any time. They enjoy playing, entertaining, listening to ... errr, fireworks? Yes, fireworks, and many other strange noises, on a noise desensitisation CD. They are also quite keen to make their own music too ...

Please adjust your volume control, ie, it needs to be turned on.



  1. Thank you very much for this jubilee pups video:they are so lovely playing the chime!
    Their great aunt Womble Bum will teach them very well how to play football and"What´s the time Mr.Wolf?It´s dinner time!" She is gorgeous!

  2. Could you share what desensitization CD you prefer? Or did you make your own? These pups are darling!

    1. It's 'Sounds for Behaviour Therapy CD', a whole variety of sounds including fireworks. There's another one, much the same, may be a newer version, 'Clix Noises & Sounds CD'. I do keep meaning to compile my own CD for specific noises, the Mac sound effects is very good for this, particularly for fireworks & thunder.


    lots of chuckles from our audience over here in the Pacific Northwest of America...wooot wooot for the Jubilees!!!