Friday, 22 June 2012

Breakfast at home with ...

... the Jubilee Puppies

Yesterday was the first day of solid (actually, very sloppy) food for the Jubilee Puppies. Puppy food soaked in warm water and goat's milk - lovely!

You will need the volume turned on for this.


  1. Heh, THANKS for posting that little certainly made my day! What a joy to be able to watch those little darlings slurp it up and play slip-n-slide ;>]]

  2. I haven´t got twitter but I have seen the beautiful photos of the Jubilee pups:absolutely gorgeous! they are so cute I could take all of them to my house...

  3. Just wonderful! You get a real sense of how 'nose driven' they are and the sliding about is just so cute.

  4. Now that was a delight and Im so glad I had my speakers on. This video is one in a million.