Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lunch with the Jubilee Puppies

I love puppy feeding time. It’s not the most exciting of spectator sports, I just enjoy the noise and watching the puppies scent their way to an unoccupied teat - one of the many pleasures of ‘puppy watching’. The last pup up to the milk bar usually has a little work ahead of it ... the easily accessible teats are taken first so late comers will need to burrow beneath their siblings and their mother.

Cafe Latte Girl doesn’t always like to give her babes an easy ride. Just as they think they’ve got themselves comfortable, she rolls onto her back and they all fall off ... however, some do manage to stay on and ride it out until she settles again.

Once each pup has had it’s fill they just let go of the teat and tumble into a heap, full and tired. There they fall fast asleep.

The Jubilee Puppies had a special afternoon visitor to their Puppy Palace today, Mr Smart Bear. He proved quite a hit with the girls who soon made themselves very comfortable.

After a good lunch, an entertaining visitor it’s quite fitting to have a well deserved nap ...


  1. Congrats! A beautiful little family. I wish them well. I enjoy your posts, you have a wonderful furfamily.