Sunday, 15 July 2012

Mother and Daughter ...

... at play

Cafe Latte Girl is a tremendous Mum, what better way than to spend a lovely, sunny afternoon at play with one of her five daughters. But is it as it seems? ...

So, what do you think is going on here? Bit of over zealous play? Actually, no.

The video shows very clearly the reason why I will never EVER let my pups leave home at six weeks of age or even under eight weeks. Cafe Latte Girl isn't playing, she's disciplining and teaching manners, an extremely important role of being a Mum. Quite frankly, as a teacher, I wish there were more parents who would take a leaf out of Cafe Latte Girl's book. If they did a bit more disciplining and teaching of manners at home there would be a whole load more educating going on in classrooms up and down the country. I digress ...

Cafe Latte Girl may pick on one puppy per day, some days she might have a couple in her sights. Just shortly after filming this video showing Puppy No 3, she did the same with Puppy No 5, to a greater extent. Puppy No 3 here shows quite a strong side to her, had she said "OK Mum, wont do it again, I submit" then CLG would have left her alone. I started filming this a good few minutes after it had started. I wish I'd filmed Puppy No 5, a very strong headed little bitch who was quite willing to answer back on numerous occasions!! Fortunately CLG is such a good Mum and there was no interference from 2-legged folk, she sorted both her girls out.

I accept that it might be quite alarming when you see your bitch 'having a go' at her pups for the first time but it is essential she is permitted to do her job.

I wont let pups leave home under eight weeks, there is absolutely no justification to do so. When they do leave home every single one of them, besides having been very well socialised, each and every one will have excellent dog-dog language skills. I wish the same could be said for every dog walking out in public.

(There are a couple of little 'skips' in the video at approx 55 sec & 1 min - nothing sinister cut, just a 2-legged person ... not my place to upload people onto the internet!)

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  1. I think you have a sound criteria not letting the puppies be separated from their mum before that time,they really need her.And we also say in Spain:"quien bien te quiere,bien te hará llorar"= The one that loves you right will make you cry .
    they are so beautiful!