Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Spring has sprung ...

... in South Lakeland 

It's a little while since I wrote my last blog. I'm very mindful of a busy time ahead when all things are going to change for a little while. What I hadn't realised is that I had put these photos into Draft mode, just sitting waiting for some words to be attached. So here goes!

The daffodils in South Lakeland in March were tremendous, as this little woodland glade shows.

The weather was so warm for so early in the year, lots of fun to be had with dogs and cameras. 

Arctic Fox quite enjoys hiding away beneath things ... trees, beds, any sort of things. I think she thinks she can't be seen here!

Womble Bum demonstrates that her agility skills have not been forgotten!

This lovely cluster of hedgerow daffodils is along one of South Lakeland's many green lanes ...


Ever to be the one at the head of the queue ... New Boy pushes a way through, ahead of his sister and daugher 

 The Fabulous Five are once again the Sensastional Six with a weekend visit from Cafe Latte Girl and New Boy's daughter, the search pup.

The search and rescue pup is a real character ... with looks to boot!

A typical South Lakes view

The sheep have been worked, the sun is still out, what else can we do? We can play at Skyline Collie Walking!

Full colour or black and white, a sensational pack ... the Collie Crew.


  1. Welcome back, sooo good to see you all again! The *crew* is looking fabulous (as usual) and I thank you for the lovely wander around the countryside...

  2. Thank you for still being here! I really don't know why this didn't go up earlier ... I'd loaded all the photos ages ago :-)