Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dogs on the rocks ...

The 'big' dogs have had a bit of a poor deal since the arrival of the Octopups, they're not getting out as much as they normally would.

Yesterday we had a visit to the vet for a check up so on the way home we called at a friend's farm, plugged the puppies in to the mains on a heat pad and all the dogs, except for Arctic Fox, went for a good walk.

Inevitably there were a couple of photo sessions during the walk - a very windy day with a very grey and menacing sky, perfect!

This rock is a favourite perch for the dogs ... so how do they get off?




  1. I think that is a perfect name for a new pub drink.
    "Yes, thank you, I'd like a 'Dogs on the Rocks,' please."

    Too bad they don't move very fast :>P

  2. The Fantastic Four....