Saturday, 7 May 2011

Arrival of the OctoPups ...

A much anticipated arrival happened on the evening of 5th of May when Arctic Fox whelped her puppies.

She had a litter of a total of 8 fit and healthy puppies, all beautifully marked ... the OctoPups.

Arctic Fox did a tremendous job. To watch instincts kick in is truly amazing.


  1. What a good mother. I see that at least one puppy has mom's "kissing spot" on the top of her head. I'm glad everyone's happy and healthy. I love the little noises you'll be hearing from them ....

  2. ooooooh GLORIOUS! I hope we shall be granted *viewing rights* out here in blogland as the wee ones progress?! Mom looks a bit tired but settled well into motherhood. CONGRATS!!

  3. I am sure viewing rights can be arranged! I haven't taken quite so many pics as usual as Mum is just a little under the weather, so have let her be with her babes. But a blog will hopefully be posted in the next day or two, explaining what's going on and of course with some pics of those pups! Thanks for commenting.